• Georelief was founded at the 30th of september in 2004 in Dresden.
  • in 2006 georelief was switched into a GbR. From this time georelief published products mainly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
  • From the first of july in 2007 you found the company Head Office in Dohnaer Strasse 383 in 01259 Dresden.
  • 2010: Georelief developed the first 3D postcard. (motive Switzerland)


We have made it our task to give the user of our products as real, detailed and visually sophisticated an impression as possible of the landscape depicted. The use of the 3rd dimension creates completely new perspectives, which cannot be conveyed by the use of computer technology.

At the moment we have orthophoto-relief maps and topographical landscape reliefs on offer.

Orthophoto-reliefs are 3D relief maps printed with aerial photos (orthophotos). These can mainly be used in scale ranges between 1:10,000 and 1:500,000.

Topographical landscape reliefs can be produced for all scale ranges. Selected information is explicitly highlighted. Topographic relief maps by georelief stand out from the competition with their very detailed reproduction of the surface texture.

3D relief postcards show at a glance what a region or a country has to offer. And of course, it’s also very attractive to send this special impression as a postcard to friends and relatives. All this is combined in this product. Many selected geographical conditions can be illustrated and emphasized in all scales.